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Occupation artist/nanny
Location Helena/Fort Collins/Vail/Chicago/Denver/Portland, Montana/Colorado/Illinois/Oregon
Introduction I am an artist. It is not a choice I have made, but a part of my identity. I wake up every day with ideas scattering my mind. I can pick up a paintbrush, a pen or a camera and get lost for hours. I love it when an impression, be it the colors in a sunset or the way certain notes sound joining together, makes me feel like I can change the world. I long for those I love to know how deeply I feel for them or to be able to control my heart from constantly breaking. I love keeping my eyes open enough to see new things. I laugh a lot. I cry for many reasons. I scream when I feel like I need to. I jump in puddles and organize my closet by color. I think that God would rather we not believe than be insincere. I can't seem to settle down in one place. I love being alone and being with people. I dont like ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise or butter. I am a sister, a daughter, a friend, a lover and a fighter. I want to be able to fit everything I own in my car. I love wide open spaces. Purple makes me happy. I want to change the world. I am an artist.