John Mark Morris

About me

Gender MALE
Location Southern California
Introduction I am working on a model for a fundamental theory and conceptualization of nature. The theory is based on two fundamental, equal, and opposite particles, s and t, which create all matter, including physical spacetime. The s particle has charge -1/3, the t particle charge is +1/3. Inflation is caused by an asymmetry where energy is transferred between s and t particles, thus increasing the orbit radius of s particles in spacetime and decreasing the orbit radius of t particles inversely. Mass is emergent as the displacement of the spacetime matrix by the particles contained. Gravity is emergent from the warp and stretch of spring-like spacetime by the particles contained. Many unsolved problems of physics are explained: dark matter, dark energy, symmetry breaking, unified force, gravity, time runs forward only, and Higgs field source. Many paradoxes of physics cease to exist: EPR, Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, wave/particle duality, etc.