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Industry Student
Location Out West, United States
Interests So hard to think of any since all I do is study...wakeboarding, reading, skinny dipping (don't tell), gabbing, mini golfing. I was trying to stick to a "ing" theme, but it broke down so: football, basketball, office supply stores
Favorite Movies French Kiss, Sleeping with the Enemy, While You Were Sleeping, Pride and Prejudice, anything with John Wayne
Favorite Music Country or Christian
Favorite Books The Bible!, The Life of Pi, Da Vinci Code, The Salzburg Connection (or anything by Helen MacInnes)

The first time you had your shoes taken off - how surprised were you to see that you still had toes?

Ummm, well, I pretty much only wear flip-flops so I'd notice if my toes were gone. As for the first time ever that my parents put me in shoes, I can't really remember. I do remember stepping on a bee almost every summer because I hated wearing shoes. Then I would cry and run inside and my mom would inevitably scold me and then put baking soda on it. Baking soda is amazing, just so you know.