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Occupation Bartender/novelist
Location United States
Introduction So, why a blog cafe? Well, I have two books that I would like to sell to a publisher in 2009. I promised my husband that I wouldn't write any more books until I had an agent. But since I can't *not* write, I thought I'd build a blog for people to read my stuff and so I don't spontaneously combust. I look at a blog or any creative outlet really (and children) like this: It's a bubble I created with my breath. Once it's complete, it takes on a shape all its own and floats through the world for others to experience. If you like what you read and think someone else you know might enjoy the experience of it, then please pass it along by clicking the envelope at the bottom of the article you like. You can send it to your friend from there. Thank you for stopping by! You're the best. Can't wait to see you again soon.
Interests Becoming a published author! I do so love art and photography but not as much as I love writing! I want to publish my 2 books in 2009.
Favorite Music, Amy McDonald, Coldplay, Lenny Kravtiz, Nora Jones. Ultimately, no one understands me like Pandora does.
Favorite Books Ooh, I have lots of faves. here. I love, Candy Girl, by Diablo Cody - Now that's a memoir!, On Writing, by S. King - a must read for any writer!, A New Earth, - This book changed my life and still does, Emily Dickenson, - Poetry to live by if you're into poetry, The Great Gatsby, - Classic, Eat Pray Love, - It's like cheesecake!

You're in the grocery store with a broken cart. How will you ever be that hungry?

Screw that question, my favorite artists are, Audrey Kawasaki (thanks Arnel for turning me on to her) Amy Sol, Arnel - my husband, O&A muah. Much more insightful don't you think?