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Industry Internet
Occupation SEO/Copywriter
Location Delray Beach, Sunny and Delicious South Florida, United States
Introduction I am random. I laugh loudly- especially in dark theaters. A good play on words turns me on. I enjoy friendly competition which is great, especially because I'm not good at sports, darts, or beer pong. Reading is good, you should try some fiction some time. (Well, if you're hanging out here, information probably isn't a prerequisite for your reading material.) Don't hang out with me if sound effects bother you. I make lame jokes. I enjoy lame jokes. ;-P I find beauty touching, but I can make fun of myself with you. These are my random thoughts. I may ramble at times. Enjoy. Interact. Welcome!
Interests Writing, reading, a-wandering, dancing, singing, watching movies, traveling, debating, philosophizing, laughing, dining on delicious, an occasional martini, sharing with people!
Favorite Movies I've seen so many it's really hard to choose. Hit me up if you want to chat movies. Or if you want to play the movie game!
Favorite Music I grew up on lite FM and I don't care. I'm a sucker for '80s music, classic rock, a little bit of old school (Frankie Valli, Motown, etc.) Love me some Britney (can't help it, that shit makes me dance, ) hard rock, jazz, blues, hip hop, etc. All depends on the song, really.
Favorite Books Fave Authors: Alice Hoffman, James Patterson, Ernest Hemingway, Shakespeare, Anne Rice, Dan Brown, lots of classics and contemporaries. It's not just flowery language. It's how it makes you feel when you read it.

You're trapped in a well with a goat and a slinky. Describe how you will escape.

I'll take the bell that's around Gilbert's collar (You really didn't have to save the slinky, Gilbert;) and I'd tie it to the end of the slinky. Of course, I'll have to stretch out the slinky as much as possible... (Gilbert, quiet, I know it's a bit cramped.) If the bell won't swing the string and hook the slinky, at least it might get someone's attention...