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Gender Male
Industry Arts
Occupation Performing Artist, Writer, Teacher
Location Los Angeles/New York, CA/NY, United States
Introduction The Jolly Bard. A polymath in a monomathic world.
Interests absurdism, acting, adventuring, baking, baseball, beer, board games, books, breakfast cereals, breathing, britishness, campfires, canoeing, card games, choir, church, classical music, coffee, comedy, composing, cooking, creating, dancing, doing good turns daily, douglas adams, drinking songs, eating, existentialism, facial hair, film, folk music, food, good wine, guitar, hiking, history, improvising, innovating, irish music, jazz music, language, lazing, learning, leaving funny messages, listening, living, long island, mel brooks, monopoly, monty python, music, musical instruments, musical theatre, napping, new music, new york mets, oddness, old music, old things, organ, over-analysis, piano, pinball, pinochle, pirates, pizza, playing devil's advocate, procrastinating, public speaking, reading, relaxing, renaissance music, rock music, shakespeare, shapes, singing, soccer, soup, spades, talking in accents, talking to myself, teaching, the beatles, the bible, the great outdoors, the ladies, the marx brothers, the simpsons, the three stooges, the woods, theatre, theories, thinking, thoreau, trains, transcendentalism, travelling, useless trivia, watching, writing