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Gender Male
Occupation Weapons Designer, Innovator, Inventor, World Changer, Aromatherapy, Laser Hair Removal, Carnival Rides, Chicken Rental
Location Eau Claire, WI, United States
Introduction I was crafted in Detroit during the waning days of the Nixon Administration and began my long career as a gaming geek around the age of 9, having been first introduced to Dungeons and Dragons at summer camp – whereupon my first character was promptly & ignominiously devoured by a purple worm. Comics and sci-fi were all over the place in there too. Since then I’ve wandered from locale to locale, ending up at various times in East Lansing, MI, Dublin, Ireland, and Westchester, NY. Of late, I've settled down in the Greater Eau Claire Area of WI to enjoy a quiet family life with my daughter, progressive short term memory loss, and a list of new hobbies I am trying out that is longer than me. Besides gaming, I’ve spent most of my copious free time trying to get started as an indie filmmaker, a folk-rock singer-songwriter, or a long-order cook. Given enough time, I’d also love to commit myself to mastering amateur astronomy, kendo, swing dancing, Civil War re-enacting and/or upscale cosplay, travel writing, running, gardening, curling, speaking Gaelic and/or Old Norse, and homebrewing. Also enjoy jelly donuts, sloppy kisses, and dancing with the Squealy Nord.
Interests gaming, comics, movies, stuff
Favorite Movies The Wall, Rushmore, Garden State, The Sweet Hereafter, Shanghai Triad, Wonder Boys, Big Night, Trainspotting, Trois Coleurs: Blanc, The Hudsucker Proxy, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across The 8th Dimension
Favorite Music Richard Thompson, The Tragically Hip, Joe Pug, Pink FLoyd, Steeleye Span, U2, Cordelia's Dad, Genesis, Horslips, LWIII, Dylan, Zevon, Waits
Favorite Books Lord Jim, Ada or Ardor, The Master & Margarita, The Lord of the Rings, Lolita, Dune, the Flashman Papers, The Black Company, The Age of Innocence, anything by Douglas Adams or Carl Sagan