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Industry Education
Occupation High School EFL Teacher
Location Netivot, Southern Israel, Israel
Introduction I made aliya alone in 1977 as a Touro graduate. Then I studied at the Michlala in Bayit Ve'gan for a year until I met my husband through a shidduch. I am not dati Leumit nor am I charedit, nor am I willing to be labled!!!I try to be a good yid, whose Neshama was at Har Sinai with all other yidden! I teach at a local Ulpana and participated for several years in meetings between all streams of Judaism (for dialogue, NOT to "convert" people :)on the Sapir Campus with others from the entire Western Negev. I firmly believe that if all the religious yidden, who are much less polarized than our dear Israeli born brethren would make aliya, our society would be greatly enriched, and there would be more dialogue and less polarization. I'm married to a Morroccan ; have 5 children and many, kinna hura, grandchildren. After 30 years on the job, I've gone on early pension, teach only bi-weekly and try to do a lot of volunteer activities as well as spend more quality time with my family. My husband, a former Rosh Kollel and R"m still learns full time thank G-d.All but one of my children is married, B'H. That's my life in a nutshell.
Interests music; reading; writing; speaking up for what I believe in; volunteer work here in town. (i.e.Have a free loan fund for poor brides.)Surfing the net and networking with friends and family this way.
Favorite Music Chassidic; Classical; "Yanni"; good jazz (no romance lyrics thank you- just the music :)
Favorite Books Almos all works by my favorite authors: Rosamund Pilcher; Maeve Binchey; Tom Clancy; John Grisham; Faye and Jonathan Kellerman; James Patterson and all other quality suspense writers. Also, despite having an M.A., I LOVED the Harry Potter series!

What was my mother's maiden name?