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Introduction Performance poet Makes a living solely by shouting Sells nothing No books, CD's, merchandise of any kind No teaching no broadcasting Nowt Punk rock ideology: no sell out No obeisance to any convention fast, slow dumb, smart light, dark hi-energy ever more physical/ theatrical max variety 60 shows a year in Canada on the summer fringe tour Born 62 Comprehensive peasant Posh university, Bristol Did nothing in 20s except think & be v poor [a lot] Started performing 93 Began big word, weekly poetry cabaret Rather very good, now forgotten Islington Then did Edinburgh, 96-04 Three-act show First successful edfringe poetry cabaret in decades Made money saying Pay As You Like At The End Moved Edin ‘01 Began cabarets & slams Decent shows, v successful, much impact, great fun Tried Toronto Fringe in 01 First toured Canadian fringes in 03 Hour shows Most fun & success ever First ever performance poet on tour Toured there ever since 30+ 5 star reviews 150+ 4 star Went nomadic in 06 No home for 43 months & and counting Write shows over winter, perform over summer Bags of laughs Bloody marvelous How did it all work out so well?