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Introduction I became interested in Somalia during my first visit in 1993 when I installed a community radio station called Radio Galkayo. I have now visited Somalia 10 times. Visit number 10 was at the end of 2007. I have enjoyed Somalia so much that I encourage others to visit. Amateur Radio operators who have visited Somalia with my help include 2 Australians (a husband and wife), a team of 5 Italians, a second team of 7 Italians, 1 Canadian and 1 from Belgium who has been twice!
Interests Islam, Peace, Somalia, Humanitarian, Conflict resolution, Radio, Broadcasting, Development projects, Capacity building, Emergency Service, Disaster relief, Education, Friendship, Tourism, Research, Rockets, Rocketry, Space exploration, Astronomy, Cosmology, Meteorites, Palaeontology, Paleontology, Fossils, Archeology, Geology, Science, Psychology, Amateur Radio, Ham Radio, CB, early microscopic life, early plant life, early insect life, early water life, early animal life, early human life, The photo shows the antenna for my Amateur Radio short wave two-way world wide friendship and emergency radio communications station in Sydney, Australia.

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