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Gender MALE
Occupation Eating and Kipping
Introduction My name is Harry Spotter and I am a Sphynx, which means I don't have any fur. I am just bald and naked and proud as can be. When I was home for just a few months mom and dad found out I had a heart murmur during a check-up. My first momma was upset that it turned out I had a heart problem, so she offered to take me back but my new momma said -No! They could never give me up, she even offered to give momma a new kitty and keep me too. But, momma said no, not at this time. So, I went to a heart specialst the vet reccommended. He prescribed a human beta-blocker every morning. I am 4 years old now and feeling fine-cold sometimes but fine. I had a sister Lady Harley that passed away at age 14. She was like a momma to me. I miss her. My life was very lonely without her so mum and dad got me a new sister named Fiona. What a pest! You will have to read my blog to find out why. By the way you may notice I sometimes speak in British slang on my posts. Love speaking in slang, so much fun. I also have an affinity for all things British. I love my Bowler, Brolly and Butty sandwiches. Cheerio!
Interests Looking out the window, sleeping, eating, talking with the squirrels, and world peace.
Favorite Movies Garfield. Princess Diaries, Snoopy, Charlie Brown.
Favorite Books Mutts, all the books. Love Mooch. He is quite the Lad.