Sex, Drugs, Rocker and...Stroller, baby.

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Occupation TEMPORARY Stay at home mum!
Location Somewhere up north, England, United Kingdom
Introduction Hi there! My name is Dolly Daydream* (*real name protected for personal reasons explained within my first blog!), a 26 year old brand new mum desperately trying her best to adjust to a new life (whilst attempting to salvage parts of her excitingly colourful old one!) which does not allow her to wear heels during daytime and involves spending days indoors with mickey mouse and his pals down at the clubhouse on repeat, baby-led weaning, battling baby reflux and looking after three people instead of one; every now and again. I have very proudly mastered a 12 hour sleep routine since around week 7 and battled with baby reflux/milk intolerances since day one and would love to share my experiences with any other mummies out there! Although my blog is primarily more of an outlet for myself I'dbe lying if I said I didn't want others to read and enjoy it! I'll be talking about all things baby related aswell as fabulous fashion for our little ones and ourselves! xoxo
Interests Fashion; reading fashion blogs/magazines and generally just buying it/lusting after it, music, going to gigs/festivals, clubbing (i think? Not done it in a while!!), reading, holidaying, exercising (in short productive spurts when can be bothered) being nosey, gossiping, all things girly......and more recently; hanging out with my extremely handsome and hilariously funny boyf and most importantly, the now centre of my universe, a 6 month old ocean blue eyed, tufty haired (think jedward but softer highlights) beautiful baby girl that makes my heart melt every day and goes by the name of Isla.