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Industry Education
Occupation Raw Foods Chef and Educator
Location Nederland, CO, United States
Introduction " Let your medicine be your food and let your food be your medicine." -Hippocretise (Physician, born in 460 BC on the island of Cos, Greece. He became known as the founder of medicine.) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Let me show you how to make it taste great!" -Val Rea (Gourmand turned Raw Foods Chef, born in 1963 in the Midwest. She survived cancer without medical intervention and became vibrantly healthy by changing from the Standard American Diet to a more natural way of eating!) This is her blog.
Interests raw food, health, fitness, dance, music, hot baths, tribal culture, foraging, community, spiritual growth, meditation, yoga, family, non-smoking, organic farmers, vegetarianism as a ecological practice, environmentalism, animal rights, human rights, Mother Planet rights, sea vegetables, gardening, herbalism, massage, ironic treatments, travel, retreat-style education, transformation schools, Cafe Gratitude, gratitude gratitude...oh, I could be here all day!
Favorite Music Da Blues, Deva Premal, World Music, Lela Downs
Favorite Books Anything by Micheal Pollen High Raw, NEW from Kevin Gianni