About me

Occupation Anything that is called for on any particular day!
Location Brentwood, Tennessee, United States
Introduction I love embroidery, sewing of all kinds, reading decorating magazines & blogs, cook books & cooking blogs. Ok, I love the internet & all that it offers, so that I don't have an excuse of not knowing the answer. Married 40 yrs. 2 talented & intelligent daughters who learned to roll their eyes like their dad at an early age. Sandwich Generation. I have learned what that truly means in the more recent years, as our mother's health is a primary focus of my daily life. Fabric-holic who doesn't need a 12 step program, but others might think so. Avid reader of David Baldacci, James Patterson & Dan Brown. I love classical music and show tunes. I don't get into political and religious debates because I have my opinions and they may change tomorrow. I missed my calling as a researcher. I love learning new things and where that leads me.