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Occupation Master Chef, Writer
Location United States
Introduction Shaped by Bob Dylan, Henry Miller, John Rechy and the Robber Barons at a time when we were fighting an unjust war in Viet Nam, I applauded the antics of the Robber Barons until I realized what shits they were. Ironically they are role models for our leaders today. I was a rebel, an activist, but only recently found the courage to use my voice. Our civilization is corrupt, but no more than others in history. What I see makes me feel distanced from the Human race, which is stupid, because I’m one of us. At times I wonder what we're good for, other than multiply, occupy, eat, shit and die here until the sun explodes, or the planet changes and purges itself of this harmful malignancy. That said, there is a part of man which is so beautiful, so wonderful, amazing and worth preserving. I try to resolve these conflicts in me but like creating one's self, it's an ongoing process: it never ends. WHEN I need to get away and be in touch with what really matters, I hole up in my old house on Fire Island. It's honest there, real, I hear my innermost thoughts. WAS the man right when he wrote this is all just a dream?
Interests Cooking;, I'm a master chef;, NYC restaurateur 20 years;, I'm a writer
Favorite Movies The orginal "Producers" with Zero Mostel:, "Cage aux Folles" - the French version before Broadway messed it up;, Roz Russell's "Auntie Mame" before Hollywood messed it up;
Favorite Music It's got to be real and honest;, Too much of what we now call music is crap;, really good Rock;, Mozart;, Chopin;, Bernstein;, Sondheim;, Music I can enjoy wearing jeans;
Favorite Books Food;, travel;, history;, poetry;, higher mathematics;, fixing things;