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Introduction I am from the backyard hammock, From sneakers and pasta with broccoli. I am from the little weed flowers that grow between the patio cracks, And from the cool, crisp, sweatshirt kind of nights. I am from the Chinese oak, the sunflower, and the caterpillar, The fern, the dandelion, and the moss growing on the swing set. I’m from powder blanketed mountains and a crooked toe, From Ellen and David. I’m from closeness and unexplainable wackiness. From “throw out your sad face” and “go play outside.” I’m from Lailah tov and shayna punim, From chocolate chip pancakes and Nanny Ethel’s kugel, From Turkish tea and Mexican train, From my father’s blue eyes and thoughtful stare. I’m from Sting and the NBA, From shedded dog hair and messy kitchen counters. From “I don’t knows” and Sunday afternoons. I’m from open emotions that sometimes close. I am tomorrow.