About me

Gender MALE
Industry Sports or Recreation
Occupation Sport/Aerospace Parachute Rigger-Skydiving Jump Master/Instructor --(Retired)
Interests "Fishing!!" "Shooting Guns" "Jumping out of (sometimes) Perfectly Good Airplanes for the pure sheer Physical Thrill of it!!" "Country Music" and associated endeavours eg. drinking Beer and Chasing Wild Women!! "Flying the 'Stars And Bars' and Supporting my Confederate Heritage!!"
Favorite Movies Stage Coach, The Hunters, The Enemy Below, Easy Rider, The Right Stuff, Fandango, ON The Threshold of Space (with Guy (Wild Bill Hicock) Madison!!, Top Gun, (these for starters)
Favorite Music Country.......Blues ....and...Jazz
Favorite Books The Right Stuff, The Electric Cool aid Acid Test, One Flew over the CooCoo's Nest, Yeager, The Lady who tamed Pegasus, "The Bible"

Who was "Buggared???"