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About me

Gender Female
Industry Education
Occupation EFL/ESL Teacher and Boss of my school
Location Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Introduction what you see is what you get... i'm very open, honest, and blunt. it gets me lots of places, and alienates me all at the same time.
Interests playing sax & guitar, taking photographs, learning about people, writing, reading, video games board games, lots of nerdy stuff
Favorite Movies in no particular order: donnie darko, fight club, LOTR, star wars, life is beautiful, high fidelity, say anything, mememto, vanilla sky, waking life, mullholland drive, watership down, kill bill, harvey, waiting for guffman, adaptation
Favorite Music Ben Folds, Counting Crows, Postal Service, Jimi Hendrix, Cake, Dave Matthews, Flemming and John, The Cardigans, Nirvana, Bush, anything mid-90s really
Favorite Books 1984, Conversations with God, Ender's Game, Where the Red Fern Grows, Sphere, I Robot, Harry Potter, Brave New World, Stranger in a Strange Land, Glory Road.

What would you wear for camouflage if you were hiding in a gingerbread house?

i'd cover myself with graham crackers and gum drops and hide agaisnt the wall.