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Introduction 80% of Americans get their "News" from a controlled media. Operation Mockingbird has been developed as the fourth branch of government. President Eisenhower tried to warn us about this "spiritual attack" in 1959. Now as a federal whistleblower, I expose Mind Control in America and how it works. I graduated with the "elite" mind programmers at Harvard. Mind Control programs developed by the CIA are now used by Child Services. Children touched by "Child Services" grow into darkness. American youth are alienated, radicalized and disillusioned for good reason. I expose some of our government's most secret and horrific crimes against children. For this, my dear family was stolen, brainwashed and lost in a web of government fraud and corruption. Keeping children ignorant about sex, drugs and usury make them highly vulnerable to Government and Corporate Mind Control. We petition the Supreme Court and Congress to prepare Articles of Treason against our real enemies. For my dear daughter and family, I am always fighting for you!
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