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Location Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Introduction A twenty one year old kid who believes growing up only shows on the outside. I enjoy poetry and enjoy rambling on nonsense, I think deeply at the most random times, and bringing up my thoughts at impromptu times. I try my best with everything I do. I'm a perfectionist and work to my best with high discipline and low complaints. I love drawing, creating, producing art. Completed a Diploma of Graphic Arts course, and currently studying an Advance Diploma of Graphic Design. I want to come out of the course as a Graphic Designer/Artist. I enjoy people's company, I love to make people smile, I love a good hearty conversation, I love real hugs, I love music. I see myself as an optimist and always giving people chances. And a quick run down of my slightly hyperactive up in the sky side. I maybe loud at times but can be subtle. I like to sing, even with a pitchy voice. I like to 'try' and dance, I'm more into the hip hop pop and lock style dancing. And I like seeing people smile, and if I can bring that smile to their face; you will make my day.