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Industry Student
Occupation AEO Store Lab Associate
Location Pittsburgh, United States
Introduction Fashion liker, in a town of fashion downers. Eclectic minimalist ways with a drained bank account due to a shoe overdoes. I like the femininity of violets, but love it because its dark and not the center of attention. Substance I beg for my generation, chocolate should be prescribed to me, Emerson & Thoreau should come back and teach the modern quasi-hippies what getting back to nature actually is.
Interests Studying art, creating, designing Photography Reading literature & any major daily Traveling Snow Music all kinds, new/old... Cooking... everything Downhill snow skiing Running Tennis Soccer Watching DA PENS!!! Meeting new/ different people Experiencing new/ different things Being random...
Favorite Movies Sabrina Monty Python & The Holy Grail Patton Farris Beuller's Day Off The Outsiders ...others I can't think of right now...
Favorite Music Favorite band..WEEZER :D Genre..Rock, 90's stuff, indie, jazz, country, whatever sounds good to me.
Favorite Books Anything in a library...too many.

How do you tie your shoes?