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Gender Female
Introduction Food is my passion and being able to create a dish that people love is everything. I am a Culinary Professional who has traveled to different countries to gain knowledge about a variety of cuisines and ingredients. Most of my time traveling, I spent south of the U.S. visiting places such as; Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico City. I was able to see how other dishes from other countries are brought together. Once I settled, I worked in a few different kitchens before opening my food truck. I gained experience and learned skills from my peers and mentors. But before working in professional kitchens I was making holiday dinners in my kitchen. Cooking has always been a big part of my life since I was a little girl. It was a way to bring people to together to enjoy a good meal, and forget about our troubles. Cooking is universal: It is evolving and there’s always something new to be done. Liquid Nitrogen for example, you can see it used for many desserts and even freezing alcohol. It is always best to experience new things, and try new ways. In being able to learn from other chefs it made me better as a chef. I am hardworking and creative in the kitchen.