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Gender Male
Occupation Author, Poet, Philosopher, Photographer, and founder of Full Lunacy Drum Circle
Location All Over MagicLand
Introduction Omar Cherif is a trilingual author, poet, philosopher, photographer, and djembefola. After studying journalism, psychology, and philosophy he worked in the corporate world for ten years before leaving it all behind to take art in general and writing in particular as vocations. He has lived in multiple cities around the world and still moving on. Starting the One Lucky Soul blog in 2011 Toronto, it was later complemented by a Facebook page. In 2016 Los Angeles he founded Full Lunacy Drum Circle — a community that has been hosting full moon musical gatherings ever since. Moving again to Dahab, Egypt in 2022 he began hosting drum circles there as well. The content of this blog may vary between conscious living, art, psychology, philosophy, history, language, music, nature, photography, adventures, or just some fun raving, ranting and rambling. He often wonders what makes us uncomfortable to walk, jog, ride, or drive next to strangers going at the same pace, that we usually either slow down or speed up. He’s still equally wondering what was the ‘that’ which Meat Loaf wouldn’t do in 1993. Lots of genius questions to ponder.
Interests Trilingual Author, Poet, Philosopher, Photographer, Djembefola and founder of Full Lunacy Drum Circle