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Industry Human Resources
Occupation Community Work
Location Melbourne, VIC, Australia
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Introduction Know that the state of one's religious and worldly affairs depend upon soundness of one's reflection. Anyone who has a share of it has an abundant share of everything good. It has been said : 'An hour's reflection is better than a year's worship.' 'Ali, may God ennoble his face, has said: 'There is no worship like reflection.' And one of the gnostics; may God have mercy on them all, said: 'Reflection is the lamp of the heart; if it departs the heart will have no light.' Reflections by Imam Al-Haddad (ra)
Interests reading, travelling, socialising, community work
Favorite Movies Kite Runner, Children of HuangShi, KungFu Panda, WallE, Finding Nemo, Madagascar, Shrek, Kingdom of Heaven, The Message
Favorite Music Farshi Turab, Zamilooni, Ana al abdu, Sufi Music, Qasidah Burdah, any soothing nasheed.
Favorite Books Apart from the Holy Quran which is a must, Riyadus Salihin, Hayatus Sahabah etc, 40 pathways to Jannah, Book of Assistance-Imam AlHaddad, Reliance of Traveller

What is Deen to you? What do you fear most in life in terms of your Deen?