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Occupation Writer/Editor
Location The Big Smoke, United Kingdom
Introduction I'm a freelance journalist, mother and Londoner who started typing this blog during the throes of clinical insomnia. (Still catching up on sleep at times.) All words and most images are © Mellifluous Dark. Ask me if you wish to duplicate anything on this blog. Plagiarise at your financial peril.
Interests Life. Specifically: people, writing (creative and otherwise), kung fu, photography, greenery and flowers, the sea, rivers, the science of sleep, psychology, strange phenomena, London, fighting everyday injustices, the smell of rain, the ambience of autumn, Tudor history, candlelit situations, clay pigeon shooting, 80s music that would embarrass many (but I don't care).
Favorite Music Eclectic

If mud is dirt plus water, what is clay?

Earthy magic dust