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Occupation Unemployed Ex Archaeology Masters Student cum Writer
Location Bradford, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Introduction Erm... I'm a twenty something witch who's (for the most part) happily bimbling through life in the slow lane...
Interests Gardening, reading, singing, writing, knitting, crocheting, baking, photography, making jewellery, fimo creature building, diy, walking and generally making a nuisance of myself! (there's also so much more)
Favorite Movies way too many to list
Favorite Music again, way to much to list, lets start with Mozart and go straight to reel big fish! Classical, opera, rock, punk, ska, sing-a-long, the occasional hymn, loads of folk music... the list goes on
Favorite Books *sigh* the hobbit, most pratchetts... most books, to be honest. I'm currently thoroughly enjoying Toby Frost's Space Captain Smith series...

If mud is dirt plus water, what is clay?

archaeologically speaking, it's argillaceous sediment that has collected, probably at the base of a river valley, over thousands of years. It's also a b*gg*r to dig in the rain!