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Introduction "Knick Knack Patty Wack, Give a Dog a Bone..." Well, actually don't give your dog a bone. This practice comes from the idea that ancient wolves ate bones for calcium. Today, dogs get all the nutrients they need from well-balanced pet foods. Bones do satisfy an intense need to chew - but they are actually very dangerous for your dog, as they can choke or splinter into knife-like shards..., especially cooked bones. It recently came to my attention that much information about the care and well-being of dogs (similar to the little tid bit noted above) is widely unknown. This includes the teaching of basic commands, as well as canine communication. The purpose of this blog is to provide knowledge and information to everyone who has a dog or plans to own a dog in the near future. Your dog can be, not just a family pet, but a valued family member. Don't miss out! I promise you that all your time and effort will be worth it.