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Introduction I'm here for the horses. Although my spiritual Ancestors, the Sarmatians, ate horse meat, as do many of their cultural descendants, this does not equate to the horror of "civilized" slaughtering. They lived with their horses, in nearly wild herds, they knew their dependence on them, that their survival was totally wrapped up with the survival of the horses. They didn't hide the killing from "polite" eyes while running the terrified animals through chutes smelling of the blood of their fallen comrades. I doubt highly that they rendered them while still alive and screaming. Americans do not eat horse meat. Nor is the slaughter of horses done in a remotely humane manner. It is done primarily to make a buck and/or to get rid of "inconvenient" animals. Is there money in it? There is a total relationship between the legality of horse slaughter in our country and the rate of horse theft because MOST STOLEN HORSES ARE STOLEN TO TURN A QUICK BUCK AND SLAUGHTER IS THE WAY TO DO THAT.
Interests horses, horse rescue, horse rehabilitation, horse training, Natural Horsemanship
Favorite Movies War Horse