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Occupation International Photogreaher
Location Kansas City, Missouri
Introduction I feel blessed to be able to document life as I see it. I enjoy people and really like the simple things in life. My kids are amazing and so much fun to be around. I dig hearing about thier day,thier thoughts...and plans for the future..even if it is just the weekend. I like playing basketball with my son and his friends...they make me laugh so hard actually Joey has the best personality ..he is so funny. Sometimes I can just set and stare at my daughter, she is so beautiful to me... I totally LOVE to work out and cook. I love cooking and I Love riding horses! My father trained horses when I was alittle girl and they have always been in my life. I am thankful to God for my talent and I do pray before every wedding :) I am always in a good mood and cheeful- is there anyother way to be?
Interests I am always taking photo's...or thinking about light and the beauty that is before us. I love to read by a big fire, I grew up lifegaurding and gave swim lessons and I enjoy swimming so much!We go boating allot thru the week in the summer, because we are always shooting weddings on weekends :)I LOVE to snorkel and walk on the beach, I watch the sunrise almost every morning here in KC, with my cup of coffee. I am always amazed at our sunrises here.
Favorite Movies Top Gun, what a great movie! Tombstone u gotta love DOC HOLIDAY, Pretty Woman FireProof
Favorite Music Bon Jovi of course, Bob Segar, Prince, Journey, Rock, just alittle of country like sugarland, Keith Anderson, and I think Cher rocks, Chris Brown, Fleetwood Mac Christian Music We all sing here, I bet that is something no one knows about me. Eddie and I sing allot together, he plays the guitar and I sing and we have allot of fun doing that. My hubsand is from CA and way back in the day he had his own band.Joey, our son sings 24-7 and he is always writing his own music and I hear his songs everyday..he is a awesome kid :)
Favorite Books Romantic ...guy gets the girl and the chase is good :) The shack My Bible...try to read everyday :)

That can't really be a fish you're standing on, can it?

I consider my Children my biggest accomplishment in life. I don't just "parent" them I really enjoy them and LOVE just being around them!