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Introduction I am a mother of two. Grandmother of 4 going on 5. Wife of one. Married almost 31 years which has gone entirely too fast. Sadie is our one eyed yellow lab dog of 9 or 10 years. I loose track. She came with no parts missing but acquired an accident of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The yowly cat was inherited from a daughter who decided a better place for him would be in the wide open country vs lining her home with black fur. He has did well at being an outsider. He is very vocal and declawed. One rooster.. hmmmm He has been around since oldest child had hens and decided to go inot a lil business so got a couple roosters.. all others are long gone but one rooster who somehow survives all on his own. Time frame of this rooster has to be at least 9-10 years. I used to drive the combine during harvest. Then got promoted to grandchild care and my job went to son. Some days I think I must have gotten demoted. But all days cannot be sunshiney..gotta have a lil rain sometime in life.