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Introduction I'm an atypical 23 year old girl. To some I am friend, to others: sister, and to one: beloved. I am also a Christian. What that means is: I’m far from perfect, I constantly make mistakes, and I often fail to follow the example of my Savior. Fortunately for me, He loves me anyways, forgives me, and patiently teaches me. And not just me, He does/will do the same for you too. I love music and singing, reading and writing, and making any number of crafts (some of which are rather unusual). I guess you could say I’m the artistic type, most of the things I like tie into the art category in one way or another. On any given day you can find me wandering around singing, curled up on my bed writing, or on the computer doing any number of things. In short, I am who I am, and I do what I do. Feel free to comment, I would love to hear your thoughts. May you be blessed beyond your wildest dreams. God's peace. ~Call Me Heretic~