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Industry Arts
Occupation Fun Lover, Joy Seeker, Big Dreamer
Location Wellington, North Island, New Zealand
Introduction From small town Deep River, Canada, Swan began traveling young studying, teaching, mothering. Her background of visual and performing arts, studying classical and folk technique, while immersed in Polynesian & Asian cultures have endowed Swan with a unique movement vocabulary, a rich sensuous art portfolio. Years barefoot on beaches drawn to oceans and open skies with a great love for life’s infinite beauty and desire to share joy she finds everywhere. With her portraits, Swan gets up close and personal connecting deeply as if gently holding a face in her hands, massaging life into canvas, using fingers to apply colour, persuading inner beauty to emerge, inviting spirit to shine. Swan’s sea/skyscapes take you to that luxurious tranquil space of sunbathed sandy beaches, large luscious bodies of warm water and big bright open skies. Her technique of numerous dry brush layers working the colour deeply in with multiple washes produce the translucency of the many shades of blue. The energetic peacefulness of Swan’s Beachfront Properties & Glorious Gardens instill a lingering meditative state, a sense of effortless abundant joy!
Interests laughing, dancing, singing, playing, creating, flying, Kizomba, swimming, body surfing, parasailing, paragliding, playing in the water, badminton, hiking, biking, gardening, landscaping, beach combing, Argentine Tango, Zumba Fitness, connecting, discovering new things...and especially watching the sun rise from the ocean!