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Industry Arts
Occupation Writer, Writing Advocate
Location London, Ontario, Canada
Introduction I'm about 5 ft 7 inches, with naturally red hair and gray/green eyes, pale skin and freckles. A long time ago I taught high school math, but then I took a leave of absence to see if I could write. Two years later I still didn't know. But I did know that I did not want to go back to teaching math; I wanted to keep writing. Four years later I had my first book published (not the long one I foolishly started with; it never was published). Since then I've had ten novels published in more than a dozen languages. In 2003 I had a car accident, and haven't been able to write novels since. But I've thought a lot about writing and what I wanted to do with it one day, and right now I want to try to help other writers not to make the mistakes I did. Without my husband, I wouldn't be able to create this blog. He's a brilliant pianist too, and sometimes on flute I'll riff along with his more jazzy piano.That's sort of how I see this blog developing, with me riffing along in words to your melody, or vice versa. Come as often as you like, and we'll have some fun!
Interests making jewelry, Rumi, new age, playing the flute, folklore, legends, mythology, NCIS, yoga, prejudice as shown in my book False Face, sketching, gorgeous golf courses, Stonehenge, shopping, murder mystery novels, J.S.Bach, making difficult texts accessible as with my book Beowulf, bracelets by Pandora and Chamilia, the trust writers mistakenly place in their publishers and agents, spiritual paths, the future of writing, Viking lore and ship-making as in my book Out of the Dark, satellites, movie thrillers such as the Bourne Identity etc, diabetes as a plot point in Witchery Hill and other novels, the TV series Bones, sailing, the evil strategies of insurance companies, prehistoric math and science, astronomy, real life mysteries, auto-immune diseases, Avebury, theatrical superstitions as in my book Come Like Shadows, the Lewis Chess Pieces, anime, J.R.R. Tolkien, Final Fantasy games -- all of them, Sherlock Holmes, collecting beautiful miniatures of swans and other birds, interspecies communication as in my book Whalesinger, ecology, feng shui, pirates and treasure, sketching, crystals and other semi-precious stones, the Arctic and how my book Time Ghost is already out of sync with global warming, science fiction and fantasy novels, dowsing as in my book Sun God Moon Witch, harukami (the online personality), red wine, forensics, the Harry Potter effect, herbs and healing, Wii, modern conspiracy theories, wicca, gardening on balconies, King Arthur from unusual mythologies (e.g. Welsh) as in my book The Third Magic, time travel, non traditional fuels, ecology, wicca, geology, prehistoric Scotland, and lots more.
Favorite Movies A Fish Called Wanda, The Lord of the Rings (all three extended versions), Nine Days of the Condor, Finding Nemo, Sherlock Holmes (the new one), Bridge on the River Kwai, The African Queen, The Bourne Trilogy, Avatar, The Hurt Locker
Favorite Music "You" by Fisher (album The Lovely Years), "Japanese Music Box" by Itsuki No Komoriuta (album "Forest" played by George Winston), "The Lady of Shalott" by Loreena McKennitt (album The Vist), Gymnopedies by Erik Satie (played by Ciccolini), "Leonard Cohen Live in London" (double album, all of it), "Someone to Watch Over Me" by Willie Nelson (album Stardust), "Autumn" by George Winston (whole album), "Fragile" by Jorane (The You and the Now), "Requiem" by Mozart performed by H. von Karajan & the Berlin Philharmonic, "Words Can't Go There" by John Kaizan Neptune (album of same name)
Favorite Books "The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien, "Unicorn" by Peter S. Beagle, "Finder" by Emma Bull, "Fortress" series & "Chanur" Series & "Foreigner" series by C. J. Cherryh, "Men at Arms" "Small Gods" & "Reaper Man" by Terry Pratchett, "Power of Three" by Diana Wynne Jones, "Winter Holiday" & "Peter Duck" & "Pigeon Post" & all the rest by Arthur Ransome, "Graceling" by Kristin Cashore, "The Leaving" by Budge Wilson, "Death at La Fenice" by Donna Leon, "Miss Pym Disposes" by Josephine Tey, "Thirteen at Table" by Agatha Christie, "Memory" by Margaret Mahy, "Dialogs of the Dead" by Reginald Hill, "Spindle's End" by Robin McKinley, "The Wind in the Willows" by Kenneth Grahame, "The Other Wind" by Ursula K. LeGuin, "Dune" by Frank Herbert, "Doomsday Book" by Connie Willis, "The Story of Una and the Red Cross Night" retold from "Tales from Spenser", "The White Goddess" and "I, Claudius" by Robert Graves, "Come Hither" by Walter de la Mare, "The Dark is Rising" by Susan Cooper, "The Complete Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm"(translated by Jack Zipes)

Sponges and tongues are frequently misspelled. Is it because both are thirsty?

Of course. The water could get into the lungs that way. You've simply got to protect yourself. Keep those eyes closed!