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Gender MALE
Location Irvine, California, United States
Introduction I grew up in a small, Norwegian town in Iowa; immersed in American pop-culture of TV, Film, Mad Magazine, and music. I spent a significant amount of time living in Germany, where I developed a fascination with German pop-culture. My experience researching historical events in the nineteenth century, and into the early twentieth century, introduced me to a similarly unfamiliar pop-culture - early American pop-culture. Although it is, for the most part, as foreign - or even more so - than German-specific pop-culture, echoes of early American pop-culture still resonate today. I enjoy tracing now-familiar elements of pop-culture to their origins; and discovering long-forgotten tid-bits of pop-culture that were as popular in their day as the Kardashians are now - and probably as forgettable. I have a BS in Physics from Bucknell University and a J.D. from the University of Michigan Law School; and have worked as a patent attorney, litigator, judicial clerk, power plant operating engineer, Naval officer, and lifeguard.
Interests piano, skiing, ski racing, hiking, cycling
Favorite Books Charles Dickens, Carl Hiaasen, John Irving