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Introduction Hello world! I am Jamila and I have been brought here to share pieces of me with you. I hope to make small yet helpful steps toward my career as a holistic nutritionist, as well as document the growth in my personal journey of a fully natural lifestyle. Enjoy!
Interests As mentioned, I am BIG on health and wellness! I'm actually a fairly new raw vegan, so I don't play when it comes to what I put in my mouth:P I am also a HUGE yogi! The physical action of yoga and the lifestyle itself is what keeps me fit and sane. (I mean, who wouldn't want to be relaxed and grounded 24/7??) Meditation definitely falls under that category! If I didn't meditate, I would probably pull every curly hair off my head! Exercise is always a must in my life, whether it is through yoga, running, or hitting the gym. I am also in love with crafting my own personal care products, such as lotions, deodorant, toothpaste, etc., and would love to find the creativity to make more of the heavy stuff! Of course as a youngin, I LOVE to be social and interact with different types of people. I'm not scared to be outgoing and accept many personalities into my life. As a wannabe multimedia journalist, I very much enjoy speaking to large groups of people and writing short stories, but most of all, I'd love to speak/write about the benefits and importance of diet, exercise, and holistic living. I'm really into fashion and expressing myself through apparel. It's the best form of nonverbal communication, especially since most of everything I wear expresses my interests in general. My personal style is what I like to call "Jamila-Chic, " which is elements of boho, vintage, indie, and urban/edgy styles. My outfits depend on daily emotion, so you can never expect what style you'll see me rockin! How could I forget about music?! I'm a musician, y'all! I've been playing the clarinet for about 12 years now and I always try to dabble into other instruments. Afrocentrism is an interest that I've carried with me probably before birth! I have always been proud of being an African-American female, and my culture and rich history are important to how I live day by day. I honestly have too many interests to list because I spend every day trying to be creative!
Favorite Movies Surprisingly, I'm a horror buff! So movies like The Shining, Silence of the Lambs, Rocky Horror Picture Show tickle my fancy.
Favorite Music One thing I am, and have been my whole life, is musical! You will most likely catch me listening to instrumental r&b, alternative/indie rock, metal, reggae, or electronica, but my music tastes really don't stop there. Just tell me about a song that sounds good, and I'll be jammin:)
Favorite Books It has only been recently that I started getting heavy into reading, which is super sad, eh? But at the moment, my favorite book is "Sistah Vegan" by A. Breeze Harper. It's extremely uplifting and helped me feel more comfortable with my new, awesome diet! I definitely can NOT live without "Heal Thyself" by Queen Afua! Weirdly, I study the book almost everyday to brush up on nature cures. I use for A book that I know I'm going to love is the "80 10 10 Diet" by Dr. Doug Graham. I've been following his recommended guidelines these past couple of weeks and I feel absolutely AMAZING!