Bond Street Theatre

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Industry Arts
Location Working in New York, Japan, China, Indonesia, Singapore, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Israel, Canada, across eastern and western Europe, throughout the USA, and Beyond
Introduction Bond Street Theatre was founded in 1976 by a group of physically skilled, and socially concerned actors. Our work is shaped by a diversity of techniques and motivated by a passion to be useful in this world. The ensemble selects the gestures, postures, rituals, symbols, and games which give life its shape and dynamics, and complements them with striking theatrical forms such as stilts, acrobatics, masks, circus arts, mime, many styles of contemporary and ethnic dance, music, puppetry, story telling and an array of performance styles from many cultures. Using this diverse physical, visual and musical vocabulary, the company creates entertaining and relevant performances which exemplify theatre’s ability to illuminate the social and environmental issues which affect us all, both here in our own country and globally. In addition, the company uses the performing arts as a means for humanitarian outreach and a tool for education and healing in refugee camps, areas of conflict and post-war environments around the world.